Our 2020 Team


Performers were the lifeblood of our 2020 Virtual Pride. We were proud to support performers from the trans community, especially in a year where many had lost business, shows and other gigs. Please check out their work and follow them online!

Molly Wyrd is a Scottish, non-binary, ramshackle, folk-punk degenerate. They have a
particular penchant for penning dark- humoured but heart-wrenching songs about living with
depression, recovering after abuse, self-destruction and lamenting the loss of jeans to chub

Find Molly on Facebook , Instagram and Soundcloud

Amy and Saya have been working together as an acro duo since 2017. They are based in Edinburgh and have performed at a variety of cabarets, corporate events and contemporary
festivals. Their latest act will explore Amy’s journey to coming out as non-binary, supported by Saya.

Find them on Instagram and Facebook .

Mystika Glamoor is the surrealist socialist socialite, the high priestess of Edinburgh drag and the pre-Covid hostess of “GLAMOOR! THE KWEER KABARET” and “KRUNCH” at The Street bar. Sometimes campy, sometimes witchy, and always political, Mystika is now one of the owners and the creative director of the Greenwood queer cafe and art gallery, a safe, sober space for all.

Find Mystika on Instagram, Patreon and Youtube.

Ellie Mental is a non-binary trans poet from Edinburgh. Ellie takes her experiences as a trans woman with autism, cPTSD, dissociative identity disorder and borderline personality disorder, and turns them into accessible and often hopeful poems.

FInd her work on Twitter .

Purina Alpha is a queer performance artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. She’d describe herself as both a drag artist and a dancer. I’m a member of Vogue Scotland and drag collective Lunar Dynasty.

Find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Milo is a non-binary transmasculine poet, writer and nature-lover who is currently studying for a Masters in Film Curation at the University of Glasgow. Through his writing he attemptsto make sense of memory, relationships and the physical experience of navigating the world in a gender non-conforming body, using writing as a site for self discovery and compassion.

My name is Bonnie. I’m a singer-songwriter based in Falkirk. I’ve been writing and performing songs for over 15 years and have recently graduated with a BDes in Audio. I took a break from music while studying, but in recent months I’ve felt compelled to write again. I have mostly played in punk bands; however, my current style is a more subdued mix of folk/swing jazz/soul/goth-rock. Whatever it is, I hope it inspires other LGBTQIA people to pick an instrument.

Find Bonnie on Instagram, Soundcloud and Fiverr

Myla Corvidae is a non-binary pioneering museums and heritage professional, illustrator for Gwyllion Magazine and games designer at Corvidae Games, exploring queering museum space digitally. They are the co-director of Queer Heritage Forum and has performed in Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The Pandora Men YouTube series and spoken word events in Aberdeen with poetry published in partnership with Aberdeen City Libraries.

Find them on Instagram and Twitter .


Hailing from one of Scotland’s most exciting arts scenes. Anne Spank encapsulates glamour, empowerment and a touch of dispraxia. She has been featured in a number of digital drag shows as well as being a finalist in Havana’s Meltdown. A mix of classic 80s icons like Kate Bush and contemporary masterpieces from Dizze Rascal to Brooke Candy.

Find Anne on Instagram and Twitter

Jessica Stratton’s music is a reflection of the all the emotions & experiences she
has had over the past 30 years plus. Her music has been her greatest healer & her way of expressing myself & how she I feels. She hopes to inspire others & be a voice for our community in the
mainstream world.

Find Jessica on Instagram and Youtube.

I’m a 22-year-old conceptual artist from Tayport in Fife, currently based in Edinburgh. My practice and poetry are extremely personal to me as it is about the voice, my experience with mental illness, my experience as a trans man– as well as growing up. I love to see others recognising themselves in my work. I believe there is something really special about how we can bring people together by the power of one voice.

FInd Jamie on his website, on Instagram and Youtube.

Eve Jeffrey is a half-poet, half-visual artist, half-comedian. Wait. That’s too many halves. Never mind. She explores issues of transgender identity, bad technology and the struggle to get a decent night’s sleep. Eve performs regularly at Inn Deep and with Queer Theory Cabaret and is always up for serious misadventure. During lockdown she has divided her time between squabbling over Zoom calls and pretending to be a ghost.

Find Eve haunting Youtube (Happy Halloween!)

Syd is a trans writer and journalist who lives in Glasgow. His work engages with the queer experience through humour, hopepunk, and a healthy smattering of rage. He’s currently working on the first full season of queer horror podcast Folxlore, taking care of his rescue dog, and arguing with transphobes on Twitter.

Find Syd on Twitter (arguing with transphobes) and his podcast on Twitter and Libsyn .

An Aberdonian student, Lilidh is an Aberdeen/Glasgow-based thing-doer music-maker.
Recovering twink turned baby butch. She lived for several years as a recluse in
Aberdeenshire. Is still slightly unhinged.

Enquire at the email lilidh.jack@gmail.com


Our workshops on the day were:

Comics is easy! , provided by The Edinburgh Zine Library

Trans-port, or making public transport a safer space for trans folx provided by WOW Network ,

Covid-19 and Resiliance, provided by Pink Saltire and

Game-Making by Two Rats Press.

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