About Us

Trans Pride Scotland is a community nonprofit group dedicated to making Trans Pride Scotland the best it can be. Trans Pride events provide a space for trans people to make connections, share skills and develop shared confidence and power.

The decision to have a Trans Pride Scotland event was originally made in a busy workshop held in the Trans Space at Pride Edinburgh 2016 and then further developed during a similarly busy workshop at Free Pride 2016. Conversation revolved around a general consensus that we needed a non-commercial, free, inclusive, accessible Trans Pride specifically designed by and for trans people in Scotland. Trans Pride Scotland is not a one off event, it is a movement aimed to bring together all trans people in one place as a show of strength, solidarity and mutual support. ​

The Nitty-Gritty

Trans Pride Scotland is bound to work within our constitution that details our core values. The most prominent are that trans pride is created by and for trans people. that we are free of corporate or political affiliation.

Team TPS- 2020

Lena Belle Avery


Hello, I’m Lena Belle (She/Her) and after studying a degree of Drama and Performance with the intent to run off to join the circus I decided to try to scratch out a living writing instead. I make short fiction about ghosts, mysteries and the future (most of them queer) and nonfiction about gender and culture which can be found respectively @citylitlena on a03 and on twitter. Trans Pride 2018 was my first large experience of trans-specific activism and I was inspired. After being unable to attend last year I have decided to make up for it by helping run things this year. I’d encourage more people to get involved this way because it’s fun and also we always need more people!

Jay Mackenzie


 Jay Mackenzie, a noted local queer, was born in the last millennium and will die in this one. In the intervening time they attempt enjoy mountains, bread, and contributing to events that are commensurate to our collective capacity for wonder. The first two go together; the third largely about the first, but also about Trans Pride Scotland. Trans Pride Scotland has become a surprisingly large part of Jay’s life since they first got involved (Nov. 2016), and is, they believe, one of the better things they have contributed to. They hope it continues to improve well into the future. In their free time, Jay enjoys writing about theirself in the third person, and mis-quoting F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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